She may have been showered with boos for her behavior immediately after her UFC 168 scrap with nemesis Miesha Tate, but now that she’s had time to mull over refusing to shake Tate’s hand when it was offered to her, Ronda Rousey has no regrets. But hey, that’s just Ronda being Ronda, right?

Dave Doyle over at MMAFighting talked to the UFC’s female 135-pound champ about it today. Said Rousey:

“I really think that if me and her fought alone in her gym if there weren’t people there watching, she wouldn’t have offered her hand to me,” Rousey said at a Wednesday media luncheon. “Her actions were entirely influenced by being watched. My actions were all despite being watched.”

The way Rousey saw it, because her gut instinct was to refuse the handshake, if she had gone ahead and shook hands anyway, she would not be true to herself or her camp.

“It’s not a fakeable moment and it was entirely the right thing to do because I didn’t think about it,” Rousey said. “It was immediate. It was just like, ‘nope.’ Maybe if I took the time to think about it I would have changed my mind, but then it would have been the wrong decision, because it would have meant that my first inclination, I mean, I had that for a reason.”

At first blush, a handshake after a fistfight – or in Rousey’s case, a fight that often ends with a badly dislocated elbow joint – seems like a silly thing to harp on. But fans reacted strongly to the UFC 168 snub probably because the postfight respect exchanged by fighters has become such an intrinsic aspect of the sport. What do you think – should Rousey, who is the face of female MMA, have shaken Tate’s hand?