Ronda Rousey has taken the concept of MMA stardom to never-before-seen heights. She’s the unbeatable champ, she’s in movies – and will star in a remake of the classic film “Road House” – and her biography made the New York Times bestseller list. Rousey is everywhere.

And according to her, she’s the highest paid athlete in the UFC.

The UFC is the only sport where the highest paid athlete is a woman, and I’m the highest paid UFC fighter. Between prize money and additional compensation from the UFC, I definitely make more money from fighting than I do from book sales and appearances.

I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it’s interesting. Actually, the whole interview from which that quote is taken from is pretty interesting. Some more tidbits:

You’ll spend more time at the airport than you do in the air because fans will want to meet you. One time I took a 45-minute flight from Vegas to L.A., but then I ended up staying and signing autographs for two, maybe three hours afterward. I probably should have just drove.

You get lonely when you travel — all the time. I was recently staying in a hotel by myself where they comped me a room with a pool table. I was like, “This is a really awesome room, but I’m still playing pool alone.” It’s why I spend much of my alone time calling people to catch up.

You miss some priceless moments when you’re training. My nephew was born right before I went to training camp to prepare for a fight. I saw him for about a week, but didn’t get to see him again until he was 9 weeks old. He’ll never be that young again. I missed that time in his life forever because of my job.