Former Summer Olympic medalists Ronda Rousey and Sara McMann shared the same views of the current Winter Olympics – just slightly different.

Rousey, the UFC female bantamweight champion and bronze winner in judo, faces McMann, a silver medalist in wrestling, tonight at UFC 170.

The Winter Olympics have been going on for over two weeks now from Sochi, Russia, and both were asked their thoughts during the recent pre-fight press conference.

“I wish I could have watched a lot of this Olympics,” Rousey said. “I haven’t really watched anything at all. It seems I always have a fight around the same time of the Olympics.”

Rousey added that she wanted to attend the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, but “I had a fight at that time too.” She defeated Sarah Kaufman in Strikeforce in her final appearance before joining the UFC.

McMann, meanwhile, said “I can just watch it and be in awe of sports like figure skating. It is different (than the Summer Olympics) and I can look at it as skills and appreciate it.”

With a slight grin towards UFC president Dana White, Rousey added that she hopes to not be training for a fight when the next Olympics roll around.

“I never had the feeling (of being a spectator at the Olympics when competing),” she said. “I am hoping I can take full advantage of that and get the whole experience.”