Fourteen seconds. That’s how long the next best 135-pound female fighter in the world lasted against champ Ronda Rousey at UFC 184 on Saturday night. Fourteen seconds, which is a full two ticks of the second hand on the clock that was timing how long prior challenger Alexis Davis lasted before being rendered unconscious. Yes, folks, we have a superstar and a super-killer on our hands, with Rousey wrecking one and all who stand before her in the kind of manner that leaves no room whatsoever for doubt.

Which means that the UFC – and all other members of the women’s bantamweight division – are faced with a problem. A problem which will clearly never be solved.

Thus far, the top fighters of the weight class haven’t even come close to making a dent in Rousey’s invincible aura, and it’s to the point where the narrative is no longer about who will dethrone the queen. It’s about who can last longer before defeat claims them.

When Miesha Tate made it into Round 3 in their rematch, we never thought that would be the closest thing we’d see to Rousey being tested. But since that UFC 168 performance, we’ve watched an Olympic wrestler felled by a knee to the body, a Canadian pounded into oblivion, and on Saturday, a hard-nosed scrapper dispatched in the span of a Vine video. What’s left?

There is no one. Despite her talk, Invicta FC champ Cris Cyborg will never make it down to 135 (or be effective if she does cut that amount of weight). Meanwhile, Holly Holm, the would-be “Great White Hope” of the ladies, showed us nothing on Saturday that would suggest she would be the girl to get the job done.

We’re stuck with Rousey, who blazed a trail and established herself as the best ever. It’s a shame the second-, third- and fourth best are so far down the ladder that there’s no chance that could ever threaten Rousey to claim the spot at the top.