Women’s MMA includes all kinds of great competitors, and they deserve the utmost respect for their passion for the arts and their commitment to excellence.

But as the marketing of the most recent season of The Ultimate Fighter showed — which featured the cast of women’s flyweights strutting in high heels and fashionable dresses — it seems there’s an awful lot of attention cast on their attractiveness.

On a recent episode of Jim Rome on Showtime, UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey fielded a question about the matter, and remarked: “the pretty girls are the one’s you need to look out for.”

Rousey answered: “They’re the ones that don’t get hit…If you think about it, if someone’s all gnarled-up, and you’re like, oh man, they’ve been through some battles. It’s like yeah, they suck! They’ve just been hit a bunch of times. If I’m coming out looking fine, then I’m probably the better fighter.”

Rousey, an 2008 Olympic bronze medalist in judo, is undefeated in her ten-fight MMA career.

“I did all my losing in judo,” she smiles. “That’s why I want to do MMA so much. No one ever beat me in a judo match that I couldn’t beat in a fight. It would always be a ‘points thing’ — no one would really beat me. I’m like, if this was real, I’d f—ing kill you!”

“Have you ever lost in the Olympics?” Rousey asked the host. “I know what it’s like to lose at the worst time. That’s why I’d rather die than lose.”

Rousey’s next title defense will be January 2015 against Cat Zingano at UFC 182 in Las Vegas.