Ronda Rousey blazed a trail through MMA that opened the sport up to women – and opened women’s MMA up to a public that had been pretty oblivious to the notion of females scrapping in the cage. She did all that through talent and skill, through kicking butt, and through forging a persona that simply compelled people to tune in and watch.

Too bad she was kind of mean when she did it all.

But we have a new UFC bantamweight champ now, a kinder, nicer girl named Holly Holm, who beat Rousey so soundly that half the world cheered when the “mean girl” fell. And now we have a champ who is actually kind to her opponents.

Below is a pic of Holm and her next challenger, Miesha Tate, going some press stuff in New York City. If Rousey were in there instead of Holm, you could bet she’d be scowling and flipping Tate the bird.

What a difference, huh?