Thirty-four seconds. That’s how long it took for UFC champ Ronda Rousey to defeat Bethe Correia at her own game, leaving the Brazilian brawler face-planted and knocked out on the canvas. That’s also how long it took for the last of the “fresh” challengers to give dethroning the Queen of Mean a shot. Now we’re left with the only match-up that makes sense in Rousey vs. Miesha Tate III, but a match-up we already know the outcome of. Last night’s UFC 190 was a lot of things, but most of all, it was a testament to the greatest female fighter that will ever walk the Earth.

Rousey will reign supreme until she retires. There is no other female fighter even remotely close to her level in the sport.

This would, of course, pose a huge a problem for the UFC, as whenever a champ becomes too dominant, making suitable and compelling fights for them is a Herculean task. But with an ever-growing film and media presence, Rousey has crossed over into a mainstream realm where no one really is tuning in to see her in a tough fight – they’re seeing how fast she can wreck people.

How fast will Tate last when they meet again in the near future? If Tate’s increasling heavy-boxing game and Rousey’s performance last night are of any indication, the challenger won’t be surviving until the third round like she did last time.

Yet EVERYONE will still watch.