Who knew that one kick to the face from Holly Holm would mean that we wouldn’t see Ronda Rousey again for nearly 100 years? Certainly not the UFC, otherwise they would’ve kept Holm far away from her while their female MMA superstar generated for them a seemingly never-ending supply of buzz and cash.

But alas.

Anyway, Rousey’s coach, Edmund Tarverdyan is making noise like his gravy train could be coming back before the year is out. It’s whatever. Take it for what it’s worth.

As per ESPN:

Tarverdyan confirmed that Rousey has been training for the past month in preparation for a comeback but did not promise it would be before the end of the year.

“There have been talks about her coming back, but we haven’t made a final decision yet,” he said. “There’s a chance she fights to get her belt back this year, but nothing is set yet. If we do make a comeback this year, we will. If not we will make it next year. We want to thank all our fans for being patient.

“When she does come back, we promise the best Ronda Rousey that anyone has ever seen. “