UFC champ Ronda Rousey is many things – a pioneer, a badass, a female – but she’s definitely not someone with a keen understand of the law.

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole, Rousey rapped a bit about the ills of performance-enhancing drugs, and what she perceives to be the legal implications of such abuse in mixed martial arts.

“People need to realize that is a weapon and they’re bringing a weapon into the cage and they’re making our sport unsafe,” said Rousey, who is scheduled to fight Cat Zingano at UFC 184 on Feb. 28. “The day that a person dies in that Octagon and the person who killed them tests positive for performance-enhancing drugs, we’re going to have our first homicide case. It’s going to destroy the whole sport.”

This is interesting logic, but if it were true, then the world would be overflowing with people being charged with murder for things with only a very attenuated causal relationship to the crime (example: being charged with murder for failing to shovel the snow from in front of your house and then someone breaks their neck on it).

Still, Rousey does make some valid points.

“This is a combat sport, and we’re not trying to hit a ball harder,” Rousey said. “These drugs can make you hit a person harder. The only reason we’re able to do this sport is that the level of human potential is just [low] enough that we can barely allow it. We’re right at the threshold.

“It’s not like we’re getting to the point where it’s, ‘Oh, we’re going to start to have higher world records for weight lifting.’ No. We’re going to be able to hurt each other more. That’s what I’m worried about. I’m worried that this is going to keep escalating and escalating and escalating until somebody dies.”

Ronda Rousey: great fighter, not an attorney.