Despite getting knocked the hell out in a bout watched by millions, and thereby losing her belt and aura of invincibility in the process, it seems Ronda Rousey is still doing pretty well for herself.

I say this because she’s just signed on to co-star alongside high-powered comedic actress Tina Fey in a movie tentatively called “Do Nothing Bitches”. Does that phrase sound familiar to you? It should, because it was a phrase Rousey coined that took hold in the public consciousness.

Here’s Deadline with the deets:

Universal Pictures has acquired a comedy pitch from Sisters scribe Paula Pell titled Do Nothing Bitches in a high-six-figure deal, with Pell’s Sisters co-star Tina Fey set to star alongside Ronda Rousey as the MMA fighter continues to extend her brand into Hollywood.

The logline is being kept under wraps but I hear it is a female-empowerment tale dealing with wealthy pampered wives who get a rude awakening at a camp where Rousey plays the no-nonsense instructor. You can get a sense of her attitude about this, as the concept for the film originated from an interview Rousey gave this summer about female self-worth that has generated more than 3 million hits on YouTube. She sold 57,000 T-shirts with the phrase.

Just so you know, getting a movie optioned on a concept you trademarked is huge. It’s safe to say Rousey’s bank account is going to swell pretty nicely over this.