Although Anderson Silva is the consensus favorite to extend his historic run at UFC 162, the list of fighters relaying that Chris Weidman could give the middleweight champ serious difficulties is growing. It’s definitely helped hype the July 6th bout, which several months ago wasn’t a fight a lot of people were calling for, since Weidman is still relatively a new name to mainstream fans.

One of the latest fighters who’s stated  that Weidman could be the first man to defeat Silva in 17 bouts is Roger Gracie, who is actually scheduled to fight Tim Kennedy that same night. When asked recently by to comment on the Weidman-Silva match-up, Gracie stated:

I think [Weidman] is very, very dangerous. His grappling is at a very high level. He can submit any world-class grappler. I think he’s really that good. He can tap anyone, even me. It’s just a matter of if he can put Anderson in those situations. I would still put my money on Anderson but I think Chris Weidman is dangerous and can surprise him.

Now, yes, Gracie is the cousin of Renzo Gracie, who is in turn one of Weidman’s instructors, but that’s still some pretty high praise. After all, Gracie is a Abu Dhabi champ, former jiu-jitsu world champion, and a second degree BJJ Black Belt. Not many people on this planet can tap him out. Weidman looked ridiculously impressive when he cruised through Mark Munoz at UFC on FUEL TV 4, and that fight was nearly a year ago. Although Weidman’s had shoulder surgery since, think about what Gracie and grappling guru John Danaher have added to the All-American wrestler’s arsenal since then?

The bout’s less than two weeks away. It could be a crazy night.

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