Voice of reason or the the defender of bad decisions? UFC commentator Joe Rogan tries to be as objective as possible in his publicly shared opinions. After the massive attacks from the fans and fighters online of the UFC champ Jon Jones, Rogan took to the UG forums to voice his thoughts on the situation.

Remember after Abu Dhabi when everyone was mad?

Everyone was SUPER pissed at Anderson after the Maia fight, and even DFW said he would cut Anderson if he fought that way again.  Look at what time has healed.
After the spectacular Vitor KO, the Chael Sonnen comback triangle and the complete dismantling of Chael in the rematch, no one ever talks about Abu Dhabi and the Maia fight anymore.

If Jon Jones can stay on track, keep being the amazing fighter that he’s shown himself to be inside the octagon in EVERY single fight he’s ever had, and continue to improve at the staggering rate that he’s shown so far, in 2 fights no one will talk about this cancelled fight.

The man is young, and he’s made a mistake or two, but he’s still got all the potential to go down in history as an all time great, if not THE all time great.

Could you forgive Jones and move forward as Rogan suggests? Jones has shown that he has the ability to go down as the greatest of all time, should he continue destroying the competition as he has. Rogan makes a good point in his title as he shows that we tend to forget or get over past mistakes. It wasn’t that long ago Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua was blasted by fans for turning down a fight with Glover Tiexeira. Now the praises of Rua have been coming through after finishing a four round war with Brandon Vera at UFC on Fox and rightfully so. Will Jon Jones be able to earn back fans with time as many other fighters have?