New Shark Fights ring card girl Nicole Craner talked with ‘Tuf Crap Radio’ recently where she explained that  her experience with Strikeforce was not the best as she was stiffed $400 for her last job.

“I got into [Strikeforce] because I knew Scott Coker’s step son and I sent him my pictures and he gave me the job,” Craner told Mitch Ciccarelli on TUF Crap Radio.

“I was really excited about it because, like I said, I’ve always had a passion for [MMA]. I was living in San Jose, [California] and Strikeforce was right there so I really enjoyed it,” Craner said.

“But for me it’s such a passion of mine and I’ve always considered it a job. It wasn’t just something that I would do in my spare time,” Craner said.

“It was just something that I was very passionate about and I think when you’re an organization like the UFC, they value their [Octagon] girls. They treat them well, they’re part of the family, and that’s something that I wanted to do with Strikeforce.”

“With Strikeforce I can honestly say that I don’t think Scott Coker even knew my name. I don’t think he knew any of his ring girls’ names and I’ve never really talked about this before, but it came down to not getting paid; And for me, I treated it as a job and I put a lot of effort into it and when you’re not respected or valued enough, it makes you want to go somewhere else.”

“So I mean you can pay Frank Shamrock 340,000 dollars to lose but you can’t pay your ring girl 400 bucks?”

Source: Bleacher Report