Rich Franklin will undergo surgery sometime this week to fix a small tear in his abdominal wall and it is expected to take four to six weeks to heal.

Franklin told MMA Junkie on New Year’s; “It’s not real painful yet, but I’m having it taken care of prior to it becoming a major problem.”

He said the issue arose during a training camp for a fight in January with Dan Henderson and kept growing worse as time went on.

Franklin reported that he is happy to get a much needed rest; “I wanted to take some time off before the September fight, and I’d spoken to Dana about it, unfortunately, they kind of put themselves in a situation where they needed a headliner, and I was that guy.”

After losing to Belfort by a TKO at UFC 103, he asked to be taken off the short list until at least mid-2010.

“I had big fights, fights that were out of the country, main-eventing every time, and it works on you mentally,” Franklin said. “I haven’t really had a significant break other than the time that I broke my hand during a 2006 win over David Loiseau. I felt like I needed some time to mentally reset, physically reset, and so that was the plan.”

When asked about training he said; “No, not yet, there’s eventually that morning where you’re like fiending like an addict for something, like the sugar I ate at dinner that I shouldn’t have been eating.”

However he is looking forward to perhaps having a fight in April or May;

“My head says May, and it seems to be right, and I’ve talked to the doctor about possible recovery time, and they’re talking six to eight weeks, I think I would be able to make a May time frame.”

It hasn’t been officially announced, but UFC is planning two events for May; UFC 113 on May 1 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and UFC 114 in Las Vegas on May 29.

“Montreal’s a hop, skip, and a jump from Ohio, anyway, same time zone,” said Franklin. “That wouldn’t be bad. I just don’t know if I’m on that card. I haven’t spoken to the UFC about it.”

I’ll keep everyone posted as Franklin progresses with his recovery.