Rich Franklin (29-6-1) has defeated Wanderlei Silva (34-12-1) once again at UFC 147 in front of Silva’s Belo Horizonte, Brazil home. The war of strikes went back and forth, with Franklin admitting that a close knock out by Silva had him blacking out much of the fight. Regardless, Franklin proved to be just as good on auto pilot. Here is the full fight play by play.

Round One:
Franklin sporting the pink trunks, takes center of the Octagon. Both men looking timid to start in the first minute. Big right lands for Wanderlei as Rich attempted a body kick. Inside leg lands for Franklin. Straight left lands twice for Rich. High kick caught by Franklin and Silva eats a few punches. Silva clipped and slips backing. A right lands on Silva. Left kick to the body lands for Franklin. Head kick lands for Wand. Head kick for Wanderlei again, but this time blocks.

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Round Two:
Franklin stalks with wavering hands. Wanderlie lands a straight. Wanderlei throws a low leg and slips and looks to be walking awkwardly on it now. Big right lands for Franklin and Silva backs to the cage. To the body for Franklin with an excellent combination. Franklin clipped going for a high kick but continues forward. Wand rushes forward witha a barrage and catches Rich on the end. Wand rinses and repeats and this time drops Rich. Looking to finish from the top, Wand throws a full assault as he smells blood and Franklin shows heart surviving a 20 second beating.

Round Three:
Body shot lands for Rich Franklin. Head kick attempt by Silva blocked. Silva looking reserved. Franklin is peppering with the jab. Body kick lands with Franklin. Franklin gets the leg trip takedown. Rich moves to half guard and almost to mount as the round ends.

Round Four:
Right lands for Silva in a sloppy exchange. Head kick just misses for Silva. Franklin looks to be keeping Silva at bay with the jab. Jab To the abs, Franklin continues to land. Wand accidentally kicks to the privates of Rich and they take a break. Franklin is doing some odd splits to deal with the shot and we’re back. Right lands for Wanderlei. Silva. Silva attempts another barrage, but the round ends.

Round Five:
The two hug. Head kick just misses for Franklin. Wand catches Franklin with a looping left hook. Both men only throwing single shots. Wand starts to call for a big finish. Both men start throwing wild haymakers. Franklin and Silva throw wildly in the last 10 seconds and it’s Wand who falls to the ground as the round ends.

Official: Rich Franklin defeats Wanderlei Silva via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46)

Franklin bounces back from a recent unanimous decision loss to Forrest Griffin at UFC 126, which convinced Franklin to start the cut back down to the 185 lb. division. The bout was settled at a catch weight of 190 lb., whereas their last bout was at 195 lbs. With the former champ returning to the division at the age of 37, he admits he will likely be making his last attempt at a title run from here on out.