When not solidifying his role as top featherweight contender who just can’t seem to unseat the champ, Ricardo Lamas apparently likes to make videos. Very, very funny videos. In fact, here’s one where he pretends to be a delusional Irish fighter named “Conrad McGillicutty”. Can you guess who McGillicutty is a satire of? Here are the clues you should look outĀ for when watching the video:

  • Conrad starts the morning with a healthy dose of booze.
  • HeĀ spends hours in front of the mirror posing and talking to himself.
  • His fashion sense is so bad, even Shone Carter won’t f**k with it.
  • During a training session, Conrad doesn’t want to train with a wrestler – and for good reason.

Kudos to Lamas for doing this. I laughed.

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