When Chan Sung Jung got tapped as the replacement for Anthony Pettis at UFC 163, instead of Ricardo Lamas, “The Bully” and his fans weren’t exactly ‘enthusiastic’ about the decision. So now that Jung has been defeated by Jose Aldo, is Lamas next in line for a title shot? That remains to be seen.

As Ariel Helwani relayed on the latest edition of “UFC Tonight”, the UFC has yet to decide who will challenge for the featherweight belt next, but it looks like it’s down to either Lamas or Cub Swanson. Not surprisingly, the surging Lamas has a pretty clear idea of who he thinks should fight Aldo. The #2 ranked featherweight, who tapped out Swanson in  2011, told MMA Fighting.com:

“I definitely believe I’m next in line. If the UFC can guarantee me a title shot I will wait for it.”

Lamas is referring to the fact that since Aldo broke his foot during his August 3rd bout with Jung, the champion won’t fight again until next year. If Aldo were to wait, however, over a year will have gone by without having him compete. Whether the UFC is willing to give Lamas a title shot under those conditions, remains to be seen.  Frankie Edgar is still out there looking for a fight…

And what did Lamas think of Aldo-Jung?

“I thought Aldo was being very reserved in this fight, but after learning he hurt his foot it made sense,” Ricardo said. “When I saw how the first kick landed I assumed he hurt his foot, so I wasn’t surprised to learn that it was broken. I thought Aldo would win, (but) I didn’t think he would win how he did, with Jung’s shoulder popping out.”

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