That drive is still there for 38-year-old “Lights Out” Chris Lytle (31-18-5). After walking off into the sunset in a victory over Dan Hardy in Aug. 2011, the six time “Fight of the Night” fighter says he wouldn’t mind putting on a late notice show for the UFC once again.

“I can’t say it’s always closed. I’ve made this comment to them before, I said, ‘hey man, I’m not willing to put in eight weeks of training but if you called me and said, hey, I have this possible fight Chris. Somebody backed out and we need you in a week. We need you in five days, we need you here. I could take it. There’s a couple guys I do want to fight on short notice because I wouldn’t have to spend all that time away from my family and, like I said, I’m still training some, I still feel like I’m in good shape right now. And as veteran I know how to condition myself to where I could last three rounds. So, you never know. If you have something last minute, let me know. That’s the only way I could see it. If it was like two weeks before a fight or something, but you give me two months I don’t think I could…I mean, I can’t say never. There is a couple possibilities if they said, if Dana or somebody came to me and said, hey Chris, I would really like you to do this, take this certain fight for one reason. I’d say ok, I can do one but I’m not planning on coming back long term. I could do something possibly but I definitely don’t see that happening but you never can tell.” – via

Lytle had walked off two years ago after going 5-1 in his last run at the title. Considered a top ten welterweight at the time, Chris had hung up his gloves to focus on a run at the District 28 State senate position in his hometown of Indianapolis last year. Unfortunately he had lost that battle in 2012, and resides as a fire fighter in the area. That freed up time may now give fans another look at one of the sports most exciting brawlers to step in the octagon.

Photographer: Scott Peterson-MMAWeekly