Frank Mir (15-5) continues his winning ways with a victory over Roy ‘Big Country‘ Nelson (15-6) at UFC 130. Mir used his striking abilities to take the fight to the ground and land some ground and pound. Here is a live play by play of the event.

Round One:

Roy comes forward first with the jab and Country engages a clinch pushing Mir against the fence. Mir reverses and now has Country against the fence. Mir gets a knee in as they separate. Big Country continues the same tactic of clinching and Mir gets a knee to the face 2 – 3 times. Mir looks confident as Mir continues trying to pressure him against the fence. Nelson tries to work some dirty inside boxing from the clinch but not very effective. Roy lands a uppercut and Mir responds with a knee to the face. Nelson continues to push forward and Mir gets a huge Judo throw. Nelson pops up and ties up to end the round.

Caged Insider gives round one to Frank Mir 10-9

Round Two:

Mir comes forward and pushes Nelson against the fence in the clinch. Mir gets a takedown with a trip. Now in half guard Mir blocks the breathing of Nelson and drops some short elbows. Mir moves to the back of Nelson. Nelson shakes loose and stands. Mir catches Nelson with another knee to the face and follows with a takedown. Nelson struggles back up and is clearly  gassed. Mir gets caught with a huge overhand right. Mir now exhausted also as the round ends and the two struggle to their corners.

Caged Insider gives round two to Frank Mir 10-9

Round Three:

Mir comes forward with some faints and ends with a close knee in the muay thai clinch. Mir works a clinch and changes level and drops down for a takedown landed. Mir works to side control and Nelson squeezes up slowly but Mir quickly pulls him back down. Roy attempts a sweep that gives him a chance to stand back up. Nelson gets taken right back down as Mir changes levels again. Now Mir is landing three big elbows to the face of Nelson. Big Country surprisingly works back up and stuffs the takedown to end the fight.

The judges hand down the unanimous decision to Frank Mir 30-27, 30-27, 30-26

Mir now looking to get back to a title shot after his victory over top heavyweights Roy Nelson and Mirko Cro Cop. The former champ may in fact be only one more win from a title shot in the thinned heavyweight division.