UFC 125: Edgar vs Maynard 2 will take place Jan. 1 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV.

Frankie Edgar will defend his newly acquired UFC lightweight title against the only man to defeat him, undefeated Gray Maynard. Co-headliners Chris Leben and Brian Stann will face off in the middleweight division to find who will be the next top contender in the division.

Preliminary Bouts:

Antonio McKee vs. Jacob Volkmann
Jacob Volkmann defeats Antonio McKee via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Daniel Roberts vs. Greg Soto
Daniel Roberts def. Greg Soto via submission (kimura) – Round 1, 3:45

Mike Brown vs. Diego Nunes
Diego Nunes def. Mike Brown via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

(Ion Television 9PM ET/6PM PT)

Phil Baroni vs. Brad Tavares
Brad Tavares defeats Phil Baroni via KO – Round 1, 4:20

Josh Grispi vs. Dustin Poirier
Dustin Poirier defeats Josh Grispi via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Marcus Davis vs. Jeremy Stephens
Jeremy Stephens defeats Marcus Davis via KO – Round 3, 2:30

Main Bouts:

Takanori Gomi vs. Clay Guida
Clay Guida defeats Takanori Gomi via Submission (Guillotine) -Round 2 (4:27)

Round One:
Guida comes out with his usual unorthodox stance throwing numerous faints. First minute, neither man lands a punch. Guida lands a head kick and backs. Guida gets a single leg takedown and Gomi pops back up quickly. Guida has excellent head movement as Gomi misses over and over. Guida’s second takedown attempt is stuffed. Moments later Guida lands a head kick and gets the takedown. Now in half guard, Guida works to improve position but stopped by the horn.

Round Two:
Both men swing numerous haymakers without landing. Guida’s unorthodox movement seems to be the more successful tactic of the fight as Guida lands some kicks. Guida gets the takedown and goes for arm-triangle but loses it. Guida moves to Guillotine and finishes Takanori Gomi at  4:27 of the second.

Nate Diaz vs. Dong Hyun Kim
Dong Hyun Kim defeats Nate Diaz via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Round One:
Diaz starts taunting as he throws some wide hooks that don;t land succesfully. Kim gets the takedown with a trip. Kim attempts a kimura but Diaz quickly gets him to full guard. Kim postures up and gets to half guard. Kim hooks the leg and moves to side control then almost north south. Diaz pushes him back to guard. Kim postures again and Diaz attempts an armbar but gets rolled. Kim stacks Diaz, Diaz almost gets a kneebar but loses. In a scramble Kim gets his ankle caught in heel hook but escapes. The two stand for the horn to stop them. Very technical round. Caged gives it to Kim 10-9.

Round Two:
Kim starts by landing some inside leg kicks and and follows up with jabs. Diaz gets a shot in to the body. Diaz lands a 1, 2 combo. Nate shrugs a single leg takedown off. Kim attempts again and gets him down. Diaz attempts to posture form the bottom but unable to get anything. Diaz tries to pepper from the bottom but does not look to have power behind. Diaz kicks Kim away and stands but Kim spears him right back down. Diaz again throws punches from the bottom that causes some blood from Kims nose. The two jock for top position and Diaz slides to take Kims back but is quickly shook off.  Caged Insider has Kim taking another round 10-9.

Round Three:
Nate starts off with a good stiff jab. Kim throws a high kick and Diaz ducks it. The two try to trade and Kim drops levels and gets caught by a head and arm. Diaz throws a knee that rocks Kim but referee Lavigne stops Nate for an illegal knee as Kim’s hand was on the mat. Kim is told to continue as they are unsure of the hand being down at time of impact. The two grapple to the ground and again Kim gets the top mount. Kim works to Diaz’s back and gets both hooks in but Diaz is able to roll out. Diaz gets up and has Kim against cage, lands a head kick. Diaz starts clinching and doing some dirty boxing . Diaz lands numerous shots but its not enough to stop Kim. Caged Insider gives the round to Diaz 10-9.

Brandon Vera vs. Thiago Silva
Thiago Silva defeats Brandon Vera via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

Round One:
Thiago very aggressive quickly gets Vera down with a trip and works from half guard. Vera attempts a scramble but Vera ends up in side control. Thiago lands some elbows from the top. Silva starts to attack the arm and then slides the elbow across Vera’s face. The bell rings and Vera follows Silva to his corner as they get in a verbal fight. They are broken up and Vera goes to his corner.

Round Two:
Vera comes out aggressive and lands kicks and some combo punches. Silva slips a few and Vera clinches and Silva gets a trip. Silva now in the full guard. Silva attempts some elbows and punches from the top but does not look to land flush. Silva postures and attempts to drop some big punches with no success. Silva able to move to half guard. Vera is now clearly breathing hard. Thiago continues a barrage of punches from half guard as Vera covers up. The crowd is now booing as Vera holds the position. The round ends with Silva in half guard.

Round Three:
Vera comes out aggressive again with many kicks even knocking Silva down for a second. Thiago Silva is able to clinch up and get Vera down and take his back. Thiago gets in one hook and softens up Vera with punches. Vera gets wrist control but looks too tired to work back up with Silva’s pressure.  Slowly Vera gets up with Thiago’s help. Silva starts  slapping Vera and hitting with open fists like Bas Rutten back in the day to finish out the round. Vera’s nose is clearly broken to look like a snake..  Ouch.

Chris Leben vs. Brian Stann
Brian Stann defeats Chris Leben via TKO – Round 1 (3:37)

Round One:
The two touch gloves and square off. Leben gets caught by a counter top of the forehead after a missed kick. The two continue to try to throw hooks but no lands . Stann gets the clinch and slips some punches. Leben lands a clean uppercut in the clinch. Stann gets Leben to the fence. The two trade and Leben gets gets caugh and dropped but able to recover but Stann continue to attack  and follows up with a knee that drops Leben again. Stann continues attacking and ref Josh Rosenthol asks Leben to fight back but he is unable to.

Gray Maynard vs. Frankie Edgar (UFC Lightweight Champion)
An 0fficial Draw with Edgar retaining belt: (48-46, 48-46, 47-47)

Round One:
The two come out and Edgar looks to be a step faster. Edgar works the jab, keeping Maynard at bay. Edgar lands a low kick. Maynard lands a big punch and rocks him. Edgar is pummeled on the ground and Maynard tries to get his back and Edgar stands. Edgar is still stumbling around the cage and gets in the clinch and knocked down again! Edgar scrambles up and gets punched down again..  Edgar works back up shockingly. Edgar still wobbly circling Maynard. Edgar made it out of the round surprisingly. Caged Insider scores it 10-8 for Maynard.

Round Two
Edgar throws a kick to the midsection that  lands on Maynards arm. Edgar lands a  low leg kick. Edgar lands a left on Grey. Maynard starts to miss his shots. Edgar comes forward with two left jabs and moves back. Edgar still uses the left jab to keep Maynard back. Frankie ducks some big punches. Edgar lands two stiff jabs. Frankie Edgar with a huge slam similar to  the slam Maynard landed on Edgar in their first fight. Edgar comes forward landing a right hand on the end of a combo. Edgar lands another right to finish the round.  Caged Insider scores that round 10 – 9 for Edgar.

Round Three
Edgar comes out landing a right and Maynard’s face is starting to show the abuse. Edgar looks to be  still fresh surprisingly after being rocked so many times. Edgar lands another combination with the right landing. Gray starts tagging with a left hook. Maynard lands to the stomach and then to the face. Maynard finally shoots and is stuffed. Frankie misses with a big right. Lead hook lands for Frankie but Maynard returns with a left opening up Edgar. Maynard lands a good low kick then gets a takedown. Edgar pops up but Maynard quickly pulls him back down. Edgar locks up a guillotine from the guard but the bell rings. Caged Insider gives the round to Maynard 10-9

Round Four
Both men come out trading and Edgar changes levels and gets the takedown with a guillotine. Maynard escapes, and the two stand. Edgar gets another takedown on the wrestler. Edgar stuffs a takedown and lands a straight on the way out. Edgar misses the switch kick. Maynard misses coming in and Edgar lands a knee in a quick clinch. Edgar gets Maynard down again and Maynard pops up but not without tasting leather on the way up. Frankie still quick with the snap jab, keeping Maynard out of range. Edgar fails a slower takedown attempt.

Round Five Both men searching for opening, Edgar lands a low kick. Edgar starts to land combination’s. Maynard attempts two shots and its stuffed. Maynard gets a short knee to the head moving back from attempted shoot. Edgar lands a combination and stuffs the takedown. Edgar fails a takedown attempt also. Edgar stuffs Maynards takedown. Edgar lands a combination again. Both men bloodied but Edgar gets a four punch combo in and ducks Maynards counter. Maynard is stuffed again for a takedown. Both men swing to end the round! Caged Insider gives Edgar the round 10-9