After his unfortunate 2nd round loss at this Saturday’s UFC 109 to fellow MMA vet Randy Couture, this may have been Mark Coleman’s last time in the Octagon.

Following the event, Dana White told reporters that this was most likely Coleman’s last fight with UFC, and White felt that fight would definitely make for a sticky situation.

“I’m not taking anything away from Mark Coleman,” White said. “I have nothing but respect for him, and I’ll say this now, too- Mark Coleman has always been a stand-up guy to me. He’ll always be a part of this organization. I just think he’ll have a hard time competing with the guys at the top level. Age is a factor with him.”

White also stated that prior to the fight, he and Coleman never discussed that his future with UFC may depend on if he won the fight or not, but he felt the loss told a lot about how his future fights may end.

“This fight was a dream for Coleman,”  said White. “It was a dream of his to fight Randy Couture, and he wanted this thing bad. He said it best at the press conference. He said, ‘Randy Couture has accomplished a lot of things and has a lot of things. I want to take some of those things from him Saturday night.’

“He went in there, and he wasn’t able to do anything. He didn’t get off. Randy pretty much beat him everywhere.”

White then went on to say that even though he hates this part of his job, it is something that must be done. He is afraid though that Coleman may not be too happy about it…

“Is a fighter ever accepting – or any top athlete? It’s tough to say, ‘It’s over, and I’ve got to hang it up.’ It’s the toughest thing in the world, and I hate dealing with it. It sucks.” (quoted to MMA Junkie)

So what do you all think? Is Coleman retired for good, or will he maybe move onto another organization?