Thiago Silva shakes off all his ring rust and takes out Brandon Vera at UFC 125.

Round One:
Thiago very aggressive quickly gets Vera down with a trip and works from half guard. Vera attempts a scramble but Vera ends up in side control. Thiago lands some elbows from the top. Silva starts to attack the arm and then slides the elbow across Vera’s face. The bell rings and Vera follows Silva to his corner as they get in a verbal fight. They are broken up and Vera goes to his corner.

Round Two:
Vera comes out aggressive and lands kicks and some combo punches. Silva slips a few and Vera clinches and Silva gets a trip. Silva now in the full guard. Silva attempts some elbows and punches from the top but does not look to land flush. Silva postures and attempts to drop some big punches with no success. Silva able to move to half guard. Vera is now clearly breathing hard. Thiago continues a barrage of punches from half guard as Vera covers up. The crowd is now booing as Vera holds the position. The round ends with Silva in half guard.

Round Three:
Vera comes out aggressive again with many kicks even knocking Silva down for a second. Thiago Silva is able to clinch up and get Vera down and take his back. Thiago gets in one hook and softens up Vera with punches. Vera gets wrist control but looks too tired to work back up with Silva’s pressure.  Slowly Vera gets up with Thiago’s help. Silva starts  slapping Vera and hitting with open fists like Bas Rutten back in the day to finish out the round. Vera’s nose is clearly broken to look like a snake..  Ouch.

Official: Unanimous Decision win for Thiago Silva (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

Thiago Silva is a light-heavyweight Brazilian MMA fighter. He currently hold a 14-2-0 with a whopping 11 of his wins coming via KO and also holds a black-belt in BJJ. He was last seen fighting Rashad Evans at UFC 108, where he lost via unanimous decision. He is currently training with American Top Team.