After his last two fights being losses, one would think Stephan Bonnar would be a little nervous about possibly making his next fight against Krzyszstof Soszynski this Saturday at UFC 110 his third loss in a row. But Bonnar says he doesn’t feel any different about entering this fight.

“It’s just as important as my last fight and probably just as important as all the ones that are yet to come,” Bonnar said. “It’s do-or-die. That’s how it feels, but that’s how it feels every time I go out there.”

Bonnar has not won a match a inside the Octagon since his fight against his former training partner Eric Schafer at UFC 77, which was more than two years ago. But he says he hasn’t felt any real “pressure” about the upcoming bout until now;

“I really haven’t felt any pressure until this last week,” said Bonnar. “I’m going to do what I do every fight and go 100 percent and fight my ass off.”

Bonnar also stated that he’s trying not to think about what may happen if he indeed does lose this fight, since a lot of fighters have been “let go” by the UFC recently;

“I’ve just got to train, think about the fight and get prepared, I don’t really dwell on that.”