Georges St-Pierre proves once again why he is the 170 lb. UFC welterweight champion, defeating his biggest adversary to date, Josh Koscheck in his home country. Even in victory, St-Pierre showed his class showing Josh Koscheck respect after the fight. Here is the play by play rundown of the title fight in the main event.

Referee Herb Dean has the two go over the rules and asks to touch gloves but Koscheck refuses.

Round One
St-Pierre comes forward and gets the first takedown at 20 seconds. Koscheck uses the cage to pop back up. St-Pierre as usual is more active in movement over his opponent. St-Pierre lands stiff jabs to the chest and face. St-Pierre fails a takedown and resets. Koscheck is already cut on the eye from jabs. St-Pierre fails a takedown and pays with a knee. Koscheck catches some more jabs and already starts to swell. Koschecks jaw looks to be hurting him. Koscheck looks continually a second behind in strikes. Koscheck attempts a take down and is stuffed by St-Pierre. Koscheck continues to push and still gets the takedown late in the first. Koscheck lands some small strikes from the guard to end the round.

Round Two
Koscheck’s right eye is already swollen almost completly shut. St-Pierre contines with that jab. GSP starts sensing hesitation and comes forward more with a missed superman punch. GSP starts throwing high and low kicks. St-Pierre lands more jabs. Koscheck gets a hook in but does not land flush. The two continue to exchange with Koscheck getting the worst of it. Koscheck looks wobbled but St-Pierre does not rush. St-Pierre continues on and on landing a doubled up jab. GSP lands a switch kick. St-Pierre switches stance at the last ten and attempts to come forward but Koscheck circles away.

Round Three
Koscheck gets nailed with GSPs right. Koscheck stuffs a takedown and the two grapple against the fence. The action now slowed on the fence with St-Pierre  leaning on Koscheck against the fence. St-Pierre attempts to change levels but Koscheck stops it and splits the distance. Koschecks inside leg gets caught by St-Pierre’s low kicks and shows the damage. Koscheck is looking at the clock with 45 seconds left. Koschecks kicks and punches are looking even further from landing than before.

Round Four
The doctor is looking at Koschecks eye and they give him the okay to fight. GSP looks to be turning it up now landing punches, kicks and gets a takedown almost taking his back but the two stand with Koscheck catching a knee on the way up. GSP pushes Koscheck against the fence and Herb Dean resets them in the middle of the Octagon.  Koscheck continues to attempt over the top rights missing and even stumbling down at one point. More of the same of St-Pierre landing from outside with kicks and jabs. The crowd is now chanting GSP. St-Pierre takes the tempo up again for a few seconds landing the left hook Freddie Roach talked about.

Round Five
St-Pierre lands the left hook 1 out of 3 attempts. Koscheck tries to desperately come forward for two takedowns with no luck. Koscheck is throwing large hooks missing. St-Pierre keeps Koscheck at bay with popping jabs. GSP ties Koscheck up against the fence and Koscheck’s eye starts bleeding. GSP gets the takedown but pops up and GSP takes him right back down. Koscheck slowly works up the fence and gets back up. St-Pierre continues to try to push Koscheck against the fence but Koscheck breaks loose for the last 30 seconds. The two embrace in a hug an share words in each others ear.

Georges St-Pierre defeats Josh Koscheck via unanimous Decision via 50-45

St-Pierre now carries an impressive  21 wins and only 2 losses record, with eight-straight wins against top UFC contenders. UFC President, Dana White has already announced that St-Pierre’s next challenger will be former Strikeforce middleweight champion, Jake Shields.