Jake Shields (27-6-1) bounces back, defeating Japan’s own Yoshihiro Akiyama (13-5) in the Saitama Super Arena at UFC 144. It was a back and forth fight that was ended by Shields taking the Judo specialist’s back. Here is the full fight play by play.

Round One:
Both men feel out pawing. Shields comes forward landing glancing jabs. Shields shoots single leg and gets it to the cage, but unable to finish. Body kicks landing well for Shields. Really low foot pick for Shields, trips Akiyama, but he quickly pops up. Shields grabs the back of Akiyama, but he is able to spin away. Akiyama with a big Judo trip, Shields pops right back up. Round ends.
Caged Insider gives the round to Akiyama 10-9.

Round Two:
Shields stuffed on the early takedown attempt. Spinning back-fist grazes for Akiyama. Both men continually trade jabs. Another shot fails for Shields. Leg kick caught by Shileds, no follow up. Shields looking at the clock at 2 minute mark. Big leg kick for Akiyama, spins Shields. Another huge hip toss for Akiyama for points. Jake gets the back again but unable to do anything.
Caged Insider gives the round to Shields 10-9

Round Three:
Akiyama lands a big left to answer Shields small jab. Shields is stepping forward but seems ineffective in his strikes. Akiyama lands a nice uppercut in the clinch. Akiyama takes it to the fence and unable to do much from there. The two get back to the center and Shields is peppering with the jab. Shields gets the takedown finally but only for a moment. Akiyama’s back is taken and Akiyama grabs the fence twice to attempt stopping Shields. Shields gets it down and goes for the RNC, but Akiyama defends as the round winds down.
Caged Insider gives the round to Shields 10-9

Official Jake Shields defeats Yoshihiro Akiyama (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Shields has put an end to his back-to-back losses following the recent loss of Father and manager. Prior to the loss to UFC champ Georges St-Pierre, Shields was on a monumental 15-fight win-streak. Shields holds victories over top names Martin Kampman, Dan Henderson, Mayhem Miller, Robbiel Lawler, Paul Dailey and now Yoshihiro Akiyama