UFC lightweight, Sean Sherk wins over the tough and bloodied Evan Dunham via unanimous decision. A decision the crowd in Indianapolis, Indiana  did not sound to agree with as they boo’ed the former lightweight champion.

The first round looked to be in Dunhams favor with two tight choke submissions almost finishing. Though Dunham had them on tight, Sherk was able to muscle out. Sherk finished the round with a huge elbow that split Dunham open badly above his right brow.

Second round once again Dunham catches Sherk in a deep guillotine as Sherk shoots in again with his neck exposed, but again Sherk is able to muscle out of the submission. As the round continues on, Dunham seems to be fading, possibly from the submission attempts. With a minute left in the second the two start to turn it up with Dunham winning in the exchanges. Dunham seems to get the timing of Sherk in the last minute of the round, tagging Sherk left and right.

Third round, Dunham comes out confident and catches Sherk with a head kick that rocks him. Sherk grabs a leg to survive. Dunham looks refreshed, while Sherk looks to be in survival mode. Sherk recovers and gets a takedown, but Dunham pops right back up. Sherk continually grinds with a single leg, but fails to complete. Back to the feet, Dunham lands a few short shots, with Sherk unable to reach. Sherk returns to the single-leg, but eats a knee. The two go back to exchanging with Dunham again getting the best of it. Dunham lands two back-to-back knees to the abdomen of Sherk. Dunham continues to pick apart Sherk till the end of the bell.

This is Sherk’s first win since losing to Frankie Edgar via unanimous decision at UFC 98 back in 2009. Sherk has an impressive MMA record at 34-4-1. This means thirteen of his wins have come via submission, and another ten have come via KO.