Rick Story upsets Thiago Alves at UFC 130 via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28). The close fight was won by the wrestler with his tenacious takedowns.   This marks number six in welterweight Rick Story’s impressive win streak.  Story also holds record of  13-3, with wins over Dustin Hazelett and Jake Ellenberger. Here is the live play by play.

Round One:

Both come out swinging hooks and Alves lands first. Story shoots a double leg and is successful. Alves works up but not without eating knees by story into the thigh. Story goes for the back is stuffed and Thiago gets the leg trip. Both stand quickly and circle. Story shoots again and it is stopped. The two battle in the clinch but are reset in the center after a lack of action. Story works the mid-section and follows by pushing Alves against the fence. Story continues to land to the thigh with knees. Story pushes off and tees off on Alves with a combo. Alves ties up and works back to the center. The two start trading with Alves getting the best as the horn ends the round.

Caged Insider gives round one to Rick Story 10-9

Round Two:

Thiago eats a straight left out the gate and Story follows with a takedown attempt that is stuffed. Story again attacks the back but is unsuccessful. The two return to the center of the cage and Story shoots a double that is stuffed but completed against the fence. The two scramble up and Alves gets the underhooks in the clinch and gets Story down with a leg trip. Again they stand and Story presses Alves against the fence. Story works toward the back, kneeing the thigh and calf in the attempt. Ref. resets the two n the center. Alves clipped on a failed leg kick and slips down but quickly jumps up only to be dropped by a double leg by Story. Thiago works up and gets double underhooks in the clinch but Story pushes off as the round ends.

Caged Insider gives round one to Rick Story 10-9

Round Three:

Alves comes in with stiff jabs but is unable to land. Story comes forward and eats a knee. Thiago starts working the low leg kicks. Story shoots and Alves stuffs and circles. Thiago lands a left hook but is now against the cage. Story lands to the stomach with a 1-2.  Alves attempts a leg trip again but this time is stopped. Story goes for a single leg takedown but Alves stops. Story continues trying the takedown and its stuffed and Alves continues landing hooks. Story looks tired as he slows and Alves catches a clean knee on the chin of Story. Alves lands a head kick and Story ties up and is able to survive as the two trade for the last 10 seconds.

Caged Insider gives round one to Thiago Alves 10-9

The Judges hand down the unanimous decision giving the victory to Rick Story 29-28, 29-28, 29-28

Story currently trains with team Brave Legion, in Vancouver, Washington.