46-year-old Randy Couture gets ripped on about his age all the time. Since Couture’s next bout is against another “aging” MMA fighter, Mark Coleman, who is at a close 45, one would think perhaps people would switch the old man remarks to him…not quite.

“I’ve heard it all for this one, so it’s no different, really. We’re having a good time.”

“I’ve gotten so used to it,” Randy said. “I’ve heard it since I started the sport, so I just roll my eyes anymore. You have the canned answers to all that. I think a monkey could do my job sometimes. But it doesn’t offend me. It doesn’t bother me. It’s all tongue in cheek, and it is what it is.”

Couture recently joked with MMA Junkie about his age; “There’s almost 100 years between us, I’m sure one of the old-age factions out there is going to get behind this fight. Maybe the Depends group. My buddies here say we should move it to Caesar’s and call it the ‘Geezers at Caesar’s.’

Couture and Coleman are set to have a bout at UFC 109 in Las Vegas, and Randy seems very excited about facing off with another wrestler;

“I think it’s always interesting for me to face another wrestler,” Couture said. “Kevin Randleman, Mike Van Arsdale, those were interesting fights. They had a different pace. Different skillsets came into play. Wrestlers have a little bit different mindset and do things a little bit differently in a lot of situations. It becomes interesting to me, personally, to face another wrestler and see how we solve some of those problems.”

This will be Couture’s third fight in just a sixth month period. This has been one of Randy’s busiest times in his almost 13-year career.

”Rolling one camp into the next into the next has been technically really, really good,” Couture said. “I feel like my game is stronger. My ground game with Neil Melanson has been stronger, and it seems like one camp has just been built on the next and the next.
Physically, I’ve held up real good. Outside of the stitches in the (Antonio Rodrigo) Nogueira fight, I really haven’t had any issues. I feel great, I should have done it sooner.”

This should defiantly be an awesome fight, watch it this Saturday at UFC 109 on PPV, prelims will be aired on SpikeTV.