Rampage Jackson (31-8) stayed to his word when he said that he was going back to his Pride style fighting as he continually cut off the ring and chased his opponent around the octagon as he did in his early career. Rampage was able to become only the second man to defeat the very methodicalĀ  Lyoto Machida (16-2).

First round, Jackson and Machida come out very conservative, feeling out each other. Machida starts working the lead leg of Rampage, learning from Griffins past success against Rampage. Rampage starts coming forward andĀ  catches Lyoto, Lyoto goes to a clinch. Rampage presses Machida against the fence. Lyoto slips out and gets caught on the way out. Lyoto lands a loud kick to the stomach of Rampage. The two clinch. Rampage breaks it up and continually comes forward missing some big haymakers.

Round two the two continue to clinch on the fence. Rampage finally gets Machida down with a double-leg but Machida bounces back-up. Lyoto lands a flying knee to the stomach but Rampage catches Lyoto with an uppercut. The two continue to clinch through out the end of the round.

Round three Rampage comes forward swinging at air. Machida finally gets a counter and stuns Rampage, but gets caught coming in. Machida ends up getting Rampage down and advancing to full mount. Uses elbows from the top. Lyoto goes for the armbar and comes close from getting an infamous Rampage slam. Machida finishes the fight from the top.

Rampage now holds impressive wins over Wanderlei Silva, Dan Henderson, Chuck Liddel, Matt Lindland, and now the very elusive Lyoto Machida.