Vitor Belfort reflects on his decision to pull out of the very much anticipated fight between him and middleweight UFC champ Anderson Silva.

Vitor Belfort:

“You can’t describe something indescribable. Everyone is upset but I think they understand the situation. It’s part of the life and I will come back stronger after this. This situation gives me more wish to become the champion. Soon I will be fighting for the belt and doing what is need. I just want to thank the support and endearment from the fans. I only ask everyone to root for my recovery. It’s hard to speak over it. It’s like the saying ‘the past is a bounced check, the future is a dated check and the present is money in the hand.’ I have to look ahead. I know I have a brilliant career to come.

It came until I couldn’t stand the pain anymore. I was sacrificing myself too much. Then I went through MRI scan and the doctor said I couldn’t put off the surgery otherwise I wouldn’t continue working. It could be worse if I fought with my shoulder less than 50% good. Surely It would be a terrible performance and might mean an injury for the rest of my life. I think I did the right thing now.”

Dana has already said Anderson Silva is still expected to defend his title for the Abu Dhabi UFC 112 event. Speculation would be that Chael Sonnen is a viable option with his recent victory over Nate Marquartd, but no official word on that just yet.

It will be interesting to see how that pans out since Ed Soares, Silvas manager, has already stated that he thinks Sonnen has not yet earned a title shot and should at least get one more win before being considered.