Dana White drops even bigger numbers for the infamous UFC 129: St-Pierre vs Shields card, as he reports during a recent press conference that the event will impact the city of Toronto, Canada in the tune of $40 million dollars. An impact that would of been helpful in the pockets of New York to help chisel away a painfully deficit. Unfortunately for NY they are yet to sanction MMA due to a select few lawmakers with ‘moral quandaries’ against the sport over boxing.

“We figured out — and this is being very, very conservative — it’ll be a $40-million impact on the city of Toronto because the UFC is coming,” said White.

“Not to mention the fact that just the ticket tax alone will be $1.5 million.”

UFC’s director of Canadian Operations, Tom Wright has also announced that Toronto will receive 5% of the gross ticket sales, with the gate figure looking around 11 million.

With all of the re-occurring success of the UFC, Dana White then talked about an expansion to the point of multiple shows on the same day in different countries.

“We want to keep adding shows … We’re again taking it to the next level,” said White. “Everything’s growing and everything getting bigger, man. We’re going to be putting on more fights in more places.

“There might be a day — I can’t believe I’m going to say this — but there’s going to be a day when we’ll be putting on a show in Las Vegas and there’ll be a fight happening in Australia at the same time. That’s really where we’re headed.”