Mark Munoz has defeated Demian Maia via unanimous decision at UFC 131 in Vancouver, Canada. Munoz was able to bounce back from a first round beating, using his superior grappling to pull the victory. This is Mark Munoz’s third consecutive win in the octagon. Here is the live play by play.

Round One:
Both men feeling out each other throwing faints. Munoz lands first with a right kick. Maia lands two big rights down the pipe. One looked like to have rocked him but he backs and resets. Maia lands another right to the temple. Maia works the clinch against the fence but Munoz is able to use wrestling to negate. Ref. resets the two in the center. Maia throws some high kicks that comes close to landing flush. Maia is very aggressive coming forward with combos of kicks and punches. Munoz winds up and misses with some haymakers. Maia gets in a pocket and lands a left. Backs up lands a body kick. Maia stalks Munoz against the fence and is landing at will in the counters. Munoz starts to go to his wrestling but unable to complete takedown before round ends.

Caged Insider gives the round to Demain Maia 10-9

Round Two:
They touch gloves and Munoz steps forward exploding with punches and Maia goes for a single leg. Maia takes a beating on his knees attempting the takedown. The two stand and Maia shoots again and Munoz attempts a darce that Maia uses to get top mount. Munoz struggles loose and stands. Maia goes for the single again and attempts to transfer to guard but comes in double butterfly. Munoz gets it back standing and attempts a single leg. Munoz attempts a single leg but unable to complete. Maia now stacked on the fence takes some punches on the botttom. The ref resets them in the center and the round ends.

Caged Insider gives the round to Mark Munoz 10-9

Round Three:
Munoz comes out landing two head kicks. Maia looks a step slower missing a jab but follows up with a land. Munoz shoots a fast double completing but Maia jumps back up. Munoz switches to single leg and Maia able to take the back and slaps on a crucifix which he was able to twist out. They stand and Maia gets the clinch and lands a knee to the abdomen. Munoz able to get the under hooks pushes Maia against the fence. Ref. resets them to the center. Maia comes forward and misses his combo. Munoz responds with an axe kick and follows with a shoot in that fails. Maia goes for a shoot and eats an uppercut. Maia gets caught in a right coming forward. Munoz attempts a combo again that misses.

Caged Insider gives the round to Mark Munoz 10-9 for the victory, but def. a split decision.

Official Decision: Mark Munoz def. Demian Maia via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Munoz last victory in the cage came against fellow wrestler C.B. Dollaway. He holds an impressive record of 11-2, with 5 of his wins coming via KO. Maia is also a Jiu-Jitsu specialist, holding a purple belt in BJJ.