Chris Lebens Wins UFC 116 Chris Leben (21-6-0) pulls the upset once again defeating Yoshihiro Akiyama (13-2-2) only two weeks after his victory over high-level wrestler Aaron Simpson.

Leben came out very composed in the first round, out of character of his usual “guns blazing” strategy. Leben started throwing gloves in the second round stunning Akiyama, but unable to finish, Leben starts to gas and gets tagged himself.

Between round one and round two, commentator Mike Goldberg reports that Akiyama almost fell from stool after slugfest.

Sexyama comes out dragging from the second round war, but fights through getting Leben to the mat, pinning Leben. Leben proves his evolution in the sport with a huge victory on the ground with a third round triangle.

A very pumped Chris Leben tells the crowd that he wants Wanderlei Silva next on the ultimate fighter. The TUF veteran was not clear if he would like to coach a season of The Ultimate Fighter or if he is referring to Wanderlei as the number one contender.