Everybody remembers Joe Rogan’s upset over the ice spill in the Octagon at this Saturday’s event. But one has to question, and I sure did, was Rogan hittin’ the bottle pre-event? He seemed a little more goofy and loud than usual. I personally enjoyed his comments, especially the bit about Arianny, but I feel bad for those sorry guys trying to scramble and pick up all that ice while he’s screaming at them. haha

Here’s the quote from his ‘meltdown’ over the ice incident;

“Oh we got a problem, somebody spilled ice all over the Octagon. That’s a big problem, that’s a lot of ice. This is gonna take some time. This is a disaster. Look at it, they knocked the bucket over. This is “The Three Stooges.” What are you freaks doing? Now everybody’s booing. Now there’s even more pressure. Now they’re sweeping it out. That’s good. Put it on the side and watch Octagon girl Arianny Celeste fall on her head. There’s still ice! There’s still too much! GET BACK IN THERE! YOU’RE NOT DONE! THERE’S ICE ALL OVER THE FLOOR! What are these guys doing? There’s 100 pieces of ice still on the floor and these guys just scrambled out because of the pressure. What a disaster. There’s ice everywhere! Those cornermen, somebody needs to kick their ass.”