Ben Henderson (16-2) defeats Frankie Edgar (15-2) to become the newly crowned UFC lightweight champ at UFC 144 in Saitama, Japan. After five rounds of stand up the former WEC champ proved to be the victor as all three judges agree. Here is the full play-by-play.

Round One:
Both men active with the jab to keep the other weary. Henderson gets leg caught and throws head kick off which Edgar ducks. Edgar throws Henderson down with ease. Edgar is quickly moving out every time Henderson comes forward. Edgar catches kick again. Benson lands to the mid-section but Edgar catches after impact. Henderson finally gets close and lands a hook. Edgar gets the takedown but Henderson quickly pops up. Spinning back fist misses for Frankie. Edgar tossses Henderson again with ease. Round ends.
Caged gives the round to Frankie Edgar 10-9

Round Two:
Telegraphed leg kick caught again by Edgar. Surprised there is no follow up by Edgar. Finally Edgar catches leg kick again and this time follows up with jabs and Henderson responds while bouncing with one leg. Edgar gets the single leg takedown and Edgar almost takes the back. The two stand and Edgar gets the takedown again, this time into the guard. Some ground and pound successful. Edgar on the escape throws an upkick that rocks Edgar. Round ends and as Edgar stands the nose looks broken and oozing blood!
Caged gives the round to Frankie Edgar 10-9

Round Three:
Edgar leaking like a faucet is staying elusive. Edgar throws an excellent three-punch combo. Mid section kick lands for Henderson. Edgar shoots a double and it’s stuffed. Leg kick misses for Edgar and Henderson takes advantage and gets the takedown. Edgar gets a good right hand and gets out of pocket. Henderson lands a left. Kick lands for Henderson to the chest of Edgar. Edgar gets the takedown as the round ends.
Caged gives the round to Ben Henderson 10-9

Round Four:
Edgar catches a kick, and grazes a hook. Kick lands to the body for Henderson. Henderson lands an accidental low blow. Edgar takes a break and we’re back. Edgar goes in for a possible takedown and Henderson dives into a guillotine. Edgar is able to get out of the tight position however and the two stand. Henderson now changes to Tae Kwon Do stance and throws a side kick that barely misses. Switches back to south paw. Edgar goes for the Judo throw but lil ‘Hendo holds position. Henderson lands to the mid section for Henderson as the round ends.
Caged gives the round to Ben Henderson 10-9

Round Five:
Henderson looks fresh and excited coming out yelling. Edgar looks damaged to say the least. Edgar catches the kick and counters his own kick. Blood pours down Edgar’s face. Straight left lands for Edgar. Edgar clinches and gets Hendo to trip. Edgar almost gets the back but Hendo slips away. Big left lands for Henderson but Edgar looks unfazed. Edgar comes forward and Edgar drops Hendo with a jab that may have been a slip. Powerful kick lands for Henderson right after standing. Edgar catches a kick and counters his own kick. Flying knee caught but still damaages Edgar. Henderson finishes on top going for the guillotine as the round ends.
Caged gives the split to Frankie Edgar

Official: Benson Henderson defeats Frankie Edgar via unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47, 49-46)

Henderson a former champ of WEC and now current UFC lightweight champ has completed his fourth-straight in the octagon since losing to Anthony Pettis in the final WEC bout.