Manager of UFC champions Georges St-Pierre and Frankie Edgar, Shari Spencer recently spoke about St-Pierre’s future. Shari strongly believes that there will be a super-fight between the reigning middleweight champion, Anderson Silva and her client, welterweight champ GSP.

“I think it’s inevitable; I just think it’s a matter of when,” said Spencer. “When and if Georges decides to move up, it will be a permanent move and I think that is what’s difficult to ascertain regarding the timing of the move.”

“There is actually more risk in my opinion to Anderson. If you look, for example, to BJ Penn vs. Georges, the popular opinion was that Georges would be too strong to BJ to handle and that extra size did make a difference in the fight. If Anderson were to win, there would always be that explanation. Conversely, if Anderson loses, he’s been beat by a smaller guy, so there’s a bigger risk from his end.