The last time Georges St. Pierre faced a decided underdog was Matt Serra at UFC 69, which ended with St. Pierre losing via TKO. But this time, GSP knows he needs to prepare for his match with current fight underdog Dan Hardy.

“I have to tell you something; a lot of people underestimate Dan Hardy, and it’s a big mistake,” St-Pierre said recently.¬†“It’s a big mistake that I’m not going to do. Dan Hardy is the most dangerous guy that I’ve fought so far.”

Although GSP has a habit of saying this about all his opponents, this time he knows his belt is really on the line, and he feels the pressure. Hardy is also very aware of the fact that all the pressure is on St. Pierre since he is the overwhelming favorite. The current betting line is -800 to +500 with St. Pierre being the in lead of course. This tremendous pressure placed on GSP may be a blessing for Hardy.

But St. Pierre stated recently that pressure isn’t bothering him as much as it would have in the past though.

“If you look at all my big fights, all the fights that I had a lot of pressure with B.J. Penn when I did the ‘Primetime’, my revenge against Serra, Matt Hughes when I had the rematch,” he said. “With all those great fights, I performed better when I’m under pressure.When I’m under pressure, I’m more nervous. I’m more awake, and my reaction time is better, so that’s a good thing for me.”

St. Pierre said he also feels like that winning this fight will be another way of redeeming himself after his first underdog loss [even though he came back to beat Serra at UFC 83.]

“My life will end March 27, and it’s a chance for me also to redeem myself where I felt like I was in the same situation,” St-Pierre said. “I never have been so pumped up in my life for a fight.”