The well known trash-talking Dan Hardy, oddly hasn’t had much to say on his upcoming opponent Georges St. Pierre. Although that may be the case, GSP has made it quite clear he wants to take down Hardy as fast as he can.

“The longer a fight is, the more you can get hurt,” GSP recently told MMA Junkie Radio. “I want to take him out as fast as I can and go home.”

And while many fans speculate that Hardy isn’t ready or deserving enough to fight UFC welterweight champ Georeges St. Pierre, but St. Pierre feels differently stating;

“He deserves it. He’s undefeated in the UFC, and he’s a great challenge for me. He’s a top-10 guy, and we haven’t fought yet. Most of the contenders at 170 pounds are guys I’ve already fought. It’s a mathematics problem. It’s a new problem that I’m going to solve. It’s going to make me a better fighter. I’m going to grow from that.”

GSP has already defeated the welterweight division’s top three contenders; Thiago Alves, Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck. He has also beaten BJ Penn twice. So many wonder what’s after Dan Hardy? But GSP says he’s not worried about that right now and is just focused on the task at hand.

“It all depends on the outcome of the fight,” he said. “I want to fight the best guy that deserves it. I don’t want to fight for nothing. I’m the kind of guy that the reason why I fight mostly three times a year – I don’t fight anymore five times a year – is that every time I fight, it’s a big fight. I prefer it like this because I want to get the big fish. I want to get the best fighter. At the same time, it give me the opportunity to improve more between fights because I have more time to train. I become a better version all the time than the guy that I was in my last fight. That’s why I like it that way.”

Most feel that St. Pierre’s skills are notch above Hardy’s, but GSP says he knows that he has to work hard to beat him and become what Georges feels is the “best.”

“I always want to fight the best guys because I want to be the best,” St-Pierre said. “By fighting the best guy, you improve more. I don’t want to fight too often, but when I fight, I want to fight the best guy. I don’t want to fight guys that don’t deserve shots. I want to fight guys that are on top of the food chain, and when I fight, I want it to be worth it.”