Frankie Edgar (13-1)has done what many said was only a fluke. He has once again defeated the former reigning lightweight champion B.J. Penn (15-7-1) by unanimous decision.

Edgar once again used his speed and endurance to out-dance ‘The prodigy.’

Late in the fourth Penn seemed to wake up, finally shooting in on Edgar, but Edgar was able to escape and stand, but with only a bloody nose.

Edgar comes back sweeping Penn’s leg with a low leg kick. Penn pulls the rubber guard and slowly works his way back up.

Fifth round, Penn again shoots in and gets Edgar down, but Edgar is able to reverse and get top mount. Penn and Edgar stand but the striking finishes with Edgar landing the better punches to pull off the unanimous decision.

With ‘The Bully,’ Gray Maynard, winning the decision over Kenny ‘KenFlo’ Florian , it has created the rematch of Gray Maynard vs Frankie Edgar II. Notably Maynard is the only man to ever defeat the lightweight champ Frankie Edgar.