Frank Mir wins MirkoFrank Mir (14-5) defeats Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic (27-8-2) by KO late in the third after a lackluster performance by the two.

Round One:
Cro Cop gets pushed against the fence as Mir uses his dirty boxing. Mir gets knee’d to the groin and Cro Cop apologizes and backs off.  Mir takes a break and the two continue. Cro Cop faints a kick. Cro Cop looks much lighter, smoothly circling Mir’s punches. Mir pushes Cro Cop against the fence, but he is able to work out of it. Mir continues his game plan of grinding him against the fence.  Referee Herb Dean resets the two from lack of action on the fence.  Mir pushes Cro Cop to the fence again to end the round.

Round Two:
The two touch gloves and return to striking. Cro Cop lands one down the pipe. The crowd begins to boo because of all the body locks as Mir pushes Cro Cop against the fence again. Referee Dean warns Mir to work, waits and resets them. Cro Cop is still yet to throw a head kick. Again Mir grinds him to the fence. Dean again warns Mir to work. Dean resets them for the third time.. Cro Cop starts to throw leg kicks. Mir checks the third thrown. The two are seen smiling, and the crowd boos as the round ends.

Round Three:
Both men look to still be reserved as they collide and bounce back six times in a row..  Mir comes forward, and Cro Cop counters with small jabs. The crowd continues to boo. Frank again puts Cro Cop on the fence. The two sound to be talking and laughing against the fence. Herb Dean finally resets them with 1:05 left. Neither man seems to be doing anything and Mir catches Cro Cop with knee in a scramble dropping Cro Cop, and finishes to the face with a short jab on the floor.

A much needed win for the former UFC heavyweight champion, Mir. Mir was KO’ed early in the first round by formerly undefeated Shane Carwin early this year in March. Mir will now be looking to get back in title contention in the heavyweight division. A belt currently held by former pro wrestler, Brock Lesnar. An opponent Mir has 1 win, 1 lose against, and interestingly has expressed much distain for saying he “would like to make Brock the first death in MMA.”  Later the UFC had Mir publicly announce an apology for the comments.