Many UFC fans were surprised about the news that Demian Maia would challenge Anderson Silva for the middleweight belt, but no one was more surprised than Maia himself.

At first, Maia just thought the rumor he was fighting Silva was just that…a rumor, but decided to find out for himself.

“Alonso, have you heard about the news?” (to Marcelo Alonso from Sherdog). “I’m going to fight Anderson for the belt!”

Just at that moment, he got another call from UFC confirming that he indeed would be fighting Anderson Silva in Abu Dhabi on April 10th.

“I still can’t believe I was chosen,” Maia said. “When my manager called me, I immediately said ‘Yes.’ After all, I dreamed of that possibility my whole life.”

Although he is very excited for the bout, Maia still knows fighting Silva will be tough to say the least.

“I respect him very much,” Maia said about Silva. “I consider Anderson and BJ the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, but I’ll train hard to beat him. I don’t want to waste the chance of my life.”

Catch the fight at UFC 112 at the Concert Arena in Abu Dhabi on April 10th.