Demian Maia is the newly announced opponent for Anderson Silva for his middleweight title defense for the UFC 112 Abu Dhabi event. Maia claims that he will be ready for his unexpected shot at the belt come April 10th.

Demian Maia:

“I knew about it last night. I still can’t believe it. My manager called me and they asked if I wanted to fight for the belt. I said ‘of course, you don’t even have to ask it’…. I’ll have time to prepare an strategy. I’m coming from a heavy training camp and I’m in a fight rhythm.

I’ll let my body rest this week and I’ll start the training next week…. I’ll go train boxing with Luis Carlos Dorea (Nogueira brothers Boxing coach) for sure. My physical preparation wlll be with (Rafael) Alejarra…. If I say to you that I’m gonna exchange with him I’ll be lying. It’s the same thing if I say he’ll go to the ground with me. But I’ll go to this fight ready for everything. It’s a title fight and the title always was my dream. I imagined having this title shot a year ago, but I had two more fights and God, for one reason, gave it to me now.”