The British slugger, Dan Hardy says he doesn’t expect many surprises for his UFC 111 bout against Georges St. Pierre. The only surprise Hardy says he’ll be finding out is what round his knock-out on GSP will be. Hardy told MMA Junkie Radio recently;

“It depends how eager he is to get the fight started,” Hardy said. “If it starts fast, he’ll get knocked out fast. If he takes his time, he might get knocked out in a later round. It depends on him, really, and what kind of pace he wants to push.”

Even though Hardy is going against one of the biggest champs in UFC history, he isn’t lacking any confidence.”The Outlaw” says he plans to go out and just do what he does best.

“My intention is just to go out there and do what I always do in fights and try and put people on the canvas. Obviously I know what he’s good at and what he can do, and I’m confident that the skills that I’ve got are more than enough to get the job done.”

And with the fight coming up in just a week, the media has of course been trailing him. Hardy says he doesn’t mind though and can deal with the pressure of the upcoming event. In fact, he stated that it just makes him work harder.

“I don’t mind doing the media stuff,” Hardy said. “Obviously there is a lot more with it being a title fight and everything, but I welcome it. I enjoy the spotlight, and it just makes me realize how many people are going to be watching, and it makes me train harder.”

But will Hardy be ready to take down Georges “Rush” St. Pierre? We’ll just have to see if all his training paid off. Catch the fight next Saturday, March 27th  at UFC 111.