coture vera punch

Brandon Vera and Randy Couture talked about the controversial decision at the UFC 105 post-fight press conference. Vera, although clearly disappointed, accepts the loss:


“I’m pissed, I’m really pissed, but the sport of MMA, she, MMA, is a b—h and if you let it go to the judges, you let it out of your hands, you know? So, I’m going to take the blame for this loss. I’m going to man up.”

“I should have finished it. I had a couple of opportunities to during the fight that I should have finished it. I’m super happy I got to fight Randy Couture, my hero, my legend, and let the rest of the light heavyweight division know that I’m going to whip you’re a– if you get into the Octagon with me.”


“You just never know. We’ve seen this in the past already.” Couture told Rogan after the fight. “You just don’t know what the judges are looking at and how they see the fight. And that’s what ultimately, in a close fight like this, determines the decision.”

“I wouldn’t have been terribly disappointed had the decision gone the other way. I was very impressed with Brandon.”

“I had to kind of shift gears. (Vera) definitely got my attention in the second round. I was protecting my head and he kicked me square in the ribs… I think he moved my heart with that shot.”

I’m sure we will be hearing about the controversial decision made tonight for the next few days or so, we here at definitely feel it was not Randy’s or Brandon’s best performances, but the decision really should have been a split decision with Vera’s hand raised at the end of the night.

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