Carlos Condit (28-5) has defeated odds favorite Nick Diaz (26-8) at UFC 143 in Las Vegas, NV to become the UFC interim welterweight champion. It was a five round war that showed Condit out-striking the known high-volume striker. Here is the full play by play.

Round One:
Diaz takes the center and Condit lands low leg unchecked 3x. Diaz comes forward with his classic three punch combo. Diaz backs Condit against the cage. The two trade strikes. Switch kick lands for Condit. Nick lands his own kick. Condit checks the second. Spinning back fist just misses for Condit. Diaz starts to trash talk in the fight, taunting. Diaz starts to land jab, body. Diaz continues to stalk. Spinning back fist blocked by Diaz. Condit rushes forward with a 2-punch combo, unable to land in the pocket.

Round Two:
Diaz continues to walk forward which seems to stiffen Condit from mounting an offense. Low leg kick for Condit. Diaz taunts hands down and slaps him! Diaz now letting off with a triple jab. Condit lands a switch kick. Body, head lands for Diaz. Jabs are finding its home for Diaz. Condit eats a jab, hook to the face. Condit lands a good body shot. Diaz goes wild with a flurry of punches to the stomach. Condit misses witha  spinning back fist again as the round ends.

Round Three:
Head kick missed for Condit. Diaz misses switch kick. Condit lands a good inside leg kick. Head kick lands for Condit, Diaz counters a right. Condit with a push kick. Body head lands for Condit. Head kick blocked by Condit. Body kick lands though from Diaz. Head kick lands for Diaz. Low leg kick gives Diaz a good counter right to the head. Condit starts to talk and Condit starts to land a nasty combo. Big left lands by Diaz. Flying knee lands for Condit. Condit slips on a high kick and backs in crab walk as the round ends.

Round Four:
Diaz is stalking, but Condit is circling out well. Diaz lands a 3 punch combo. Condit lands to the head with a kick. Leg kicks land for Condit. Body kick lands for Condit. Head kick lands for Condit. Low leg kicks continue to chop Diaz. Head kick caught by Diaz. Diaz throws two head kicks, left and right blocked. Condit throws another head kick and caught and Diaz holds it as the round ends.

Round Five:
Diaz comes out landing the body kick. Condit is mixing up leg kicks that are landing on Diaz. Diaz responds with a plethora of his own kicks high and low. Condit misses a huge haymaker. Switch kick lands for Condit. Diaz lands to the body. Diaz misses spinning back kick. Right hand followed by head kick lands. Diaz now ties up a clinch to attempt to get the trip. Condit escapes. Condit lands a right. Nick takes the back of Condit and takes it down and looks to be taking an arm with the body triangle slapped on. Diaz goes for the rear-naked choke. Condit pushes it off but is still stuck in the body triangle. Condit pulls out and starts to strike from the top as the round ends.

Official: Carlos Condit defeats Nick Diaz via unanimous decision (48-47 49-46 49-46)

Condit  now on a five-fight win-streak will look to wait for current champ Georges St-Pierre to consolidate belts. Should St-Pierre be unable to compete in the coming months, we have heard Condit’s manager Malki Kawa say that Condit would take a fight in the meanwhile.