Chris Weidman (9-0) continues undefeated in the middleweight division with a huge win over veteran Mark Munoz (12-3) at UFC on Fuel 4 in San Jose, CA. It was an impressive, and dominating second round finish with an elbow dropping his opponent, followed by viscous ground and pouind. Here is how the fight unraveled.

Round One:
Weidman takes center. Head kick misses for Weidman, but he follows with a takedown. Weidman slowly moves almost to back and Mark works up. Weidman stops Munoz with a head lock with an underhook. Guillotine attempt but Munoz slips out. Weidman attempts a kimura. Short elbows from Weidman from the top. Crowd boos as Weidman is unable to advance from the head lock. Weidman attempts a guillotine and Munoz survives after grimacing. Munoz escapes but Weidman stays stuck on him like scotch tape. Round ends.

Round Two:
Mark aggressive, looks to strike and quickly Weidman gets the takedown again. Weidman gets right into side control. Weidman goes for a darce and Munoz uses the transition to escape. Big elbow lands on Munoz and he drops to the canvas and Weidman all over with the punches from the back. Five unanswered shots and it’s finally waived off…

Official: Chris Weidman wins over Mark Munoz via TKO – Round 2, 1:37

The young division I wrestler has completed his fifth straight victory in the octagon. Usually this would make a clear argument for a title shot, but when the champ is top pound-for-pound fighter Anderson Silva, you really need to prove your threat to the belt. Not that the finish was not enought, but it is likely that the UFC will wait to see what former Bellator champ, Hector Lombard can do against Tim Boetsch at UFC 149 in July before making any official announcements.