As everyone knows, Brandon Vera has never been shy when it comes to speaking his mind. And “The Truth” has been no different in the lead up to his fight with Jon “Bones” Jones. Jones says he isn’t really worried about it though.

Jones told MMA Junkie recently that;

“I think Brandon Vera, with all his trash talking, I think he’s really trying to convince himself that he still has it.”

Vera stated that he feels that with his greater experience, that he’s sure to win this fight. He also made it very clear that he is out to do some damage. Jones again doesn’t feel threatened;

“The Randy Couture fight, he’s like, ‘Oh, I’m going out there to hurt people now; I’m ready to knock people out, and I’m going to be the old Brandon Vera,'” Jones said. “I really think it’s something mental that’s going on with him, and he’s trying to convince himself that he can win this fight. He’s really talking to himself.

His trash talk has no effect on me. But as far as him saying he’s so much more experienced than me, I have a much different style than anything he’s ever experienced, so I don’t really think his experience is going to be too big of a factor in there.”

Jones is definitely known for his quirky fighting style, as well as amping up the entertainment value of any fight he’s in. But after training at the well known Jackson’s MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Bones feels his fighting is stronger than ever.

“My overall knowledge of the sport has increased leaps and bounds,” Jones said. “Greg Jackson, he really forces me to work my jiu-jitsu, and that’s something that I was neglecting early in my career. My ground game is feeling more well-rounded. My wrestling, I’m really focusing on my takedown defense, my takedowns, my judo throws. I’m just realizing what it takes to be on top.

You’ve really got to close up all the gaps, and that’s what I’m starting to do. Going against high-level athletes is showing me where my gaps are, and they’re slowly closing. Even form, with my combination, my kicks, my punches, I’m turning the hip over more. I have more punching power. I’m just doing things more correctly – much tighter. My hands are up, and things are proper.”

Jones says he knows now that he can’t just be all “flash” he has to add some punch to his moves as well;

“Awareness is key,” Jones said. “I’ve heard several times that, ‘One of these days, these crazy moves are going to get you caught.’ So where I had no set-ups, and I had just crazy move after wild move after wild move, now I’m using the meat and potatoes of mixed martial arts to set-up the wild moves. So the wild moves are still there, and they will come out; now, I’ll just set it up. It will be less expected.”

Jones says he even feels that due to Vera’s fighting style, he’ll be able to try some of his new defensive strategies;

“This is he first fight in my past three that I haven’t had to worry about takedown defense,” Jones said. “(Previous opponents) Jake O’Brien and Matt Hamill are both guys that shoot any chance they get. They always shoot when they get in trouble. Brandon Vera, he strikes when he gets in trouble. I have a lot of things in my mind that I’ve been wanting to do that I wasn’t able to do because of takedown defense. Now that that’s not going to be my main focus, I’ll be able to flow a lot better.”

This is going to be a very big night Jones, as he will be headlining the UFC’s debut on Versus, but he knows he’s ready and feels this fight is just one more step to get to the top.

“I’ve trained really hard, and I know I can’t control the outcome of the fight; I can just control my effort,” Jones said. “With that being said, I’ve put in 100 percent effort in the mental game, in preparation, and in tactics that I’m going to use. I’ve done all the work – all my homework, and I feel really ready to get an ‘A’ on this test.”