Anderson Silva victory over Sonnen
Photo by Esther Lin

Anderson Silva (27-4-0) successful defends his belt as he finishes the Oregon trash talker, Chael Sonnen (24-11-1) via armbar in Round 5 (3:10).

After losing four rounds shockingly on his back while taking viscous ground and pound, Silva pulls out a miraculous submission to win in the last minutes.

First round was a big shock for many as Silva was tagged in the face a few times before getting taken down. Sonnen dominates top control for most of the round.

The second round showed Silva trying to reignite only to be taken down by Sonnen with a single-leg. On the ground Sonnen grinded Silva with  ‘double slaps,’ body slams, constantly keeping pressuring on Silva. Sonnen continually controlled the second round but was almost submitted by a kimura at one point.

Round three, Silva comes out again swinging a big haymaker, barely landing on Sonnen. Sonnen again takes Silva down and knees from his back. Relentless is Sonnen grinding Silva across the mat with short punches to the head. Much of the same as round one and two as Sonnen continues the top control.

Fourth round comes close to a finish by Silva as he rushes out with an elbow that rocks Sonnen. Sonnen looks wobbled, but perhaps may have been saved by Silva following him to the ground. Sonnen quickly reverses and takes back top control. Then Sonnen show comes back in effect for the remaining of the round.

Fifth round, Silva comes out with a cocky dance and gets caught with a straight right that puts down Silva. Sonnen comes close to an arm triangle. Sonnen tries to stick to grinding, but Silva finally slides in a triangle and gets the armbar. Sonnen taps for a second then as the fight is stopped Sonnen claims he did not tap. The replay shows Sonnen clearly tapping briefly which is all it takes. This ones in the books. Sonnen, so close to becoming the new champion, but gets caught as he has many times in the past to jiu-jitsu fighters.

The 35-year-old Brazilian, Silva is now on a 13 win streak, still carrying a perfect record in the octagon. Silva had recently came under scrutiny by  UFC president Dana White along with the press over his antics in his last bout against fellow Brazilian Demian Maia. Perhaps this war will stop the questions of Silva’s heart, but it may also show the champion that he is no longer invincible.