The flashy  145 lb. Jose Aldo (MMA 21-1, UFC 3-0) continues his featherweight reign with a unanimous decision victory over Kenny “Kenflo” Florian (14-6) at UFC 136. Here is the live play by play.

Round One
The two touch gloves and reset. Florian opens with low, high and two the thigh kicks. Aldo rushes foward landing 1 of 3 . Formula followed up twice and already Florians brow is bleeding. Aldo follows again and Aldo lands some heavy shots. Florian is telling ref he is punching with open fists. Florian goes for the takedown and gets it briefly but Aldo is right back up. Florian pushes it to the fence. Florian switches levels and gets the takedown. Aldo pops up. Florian gets the back and throws some knees to the legs. Aldo escapes. Florian lands a 1 – 2. Florian continues to attempts the takedowns staying busy. Florian gets him to the fence and throws an elbow to end the round. gives the round to Florian 10-9

Round Two
Florian comes out mixing up shoots and jabs. Florian throws low, and high kicks, looking to confuse Aldo. Aldo starts to land low legs that sound lethal. Florian lands a head kick. Aldo lands a more viscous head kick to respond. Florian gets caught circling with a stiff right. Florian gets a inside kick. Florian shoots on the fence, unable to finish the takedown to end the round. gives the round to Aldo 10-9

Round Three
Aldo lands a right, and Florian lands two leg kicks. Aldo jabs, comes back landing over the top right. Florian now throwing straight legs. Aldo catches Kenny’s leg and follows with a big right. Kenny now slowing and Aldo capitalizing. Florian shoots but Aldo lands on top. Florian able to avoid the mount in the scramble. Aldo in the half guard is now trying to strike. Aldo now stalling on top. The two finally scramble up. Round ends. gives the round to Aldo 10-9

Round Four
Florian starts throwing low legs. Aldo starting to really get in and land hooks. Florian fails the takedown but grinds against the fence. The two scramble back to the center. Florian gets it in the fence again and changes levels to no avail. gives the round to Florian 10-9

Round Five
Gloves touch and they start. Florian again the aggressor. Florian throws punches, kicks, and follows with a take0down but fails against the fence. Florian slips from a flying knee. Aldo goes into the half guard and moves to guard. Florian now bleeding more. Florian slips to standing with 2 minutes. Aldo drives it to the fence and Florian reverses. Florian throws a flying knee and Aldo able to get out off the fence. Aldo throws a flying knee as the round ends. gives the round to Aldo 10-9

Official: Jose Aldo defeats Kenny Florian via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46)

Aldo now carries an astonishing 12 straight victories in the cage, spanning back to Nov. of 2005.