Thiago ‘Pitbull’ Alves is able to put a stop to John Howard and his own losing streak at UFC 124 in Montreal, Quebec – Canada. A much improved striking and even wrestling game was showcased by the newly reinvigorated Thiago Alves for three rounds as he pulls off the unanimous decision, 30-27.

Round One
Early Alves catches the chin of Howard and stuffs a takedown. Alves takes Howard down with ease. The two scramble up. Alves continues to land in the stand-up with combination’s. Alves lands a huge leg kick and follows up with a knee to the face of Howard that does not land flush. Alves looks a little shaken winging shots. Alves continues to counter with punches and follow up high and low kicks. Howard unable to get the timing down. Alves continues to work the lead leg into the end of the round. Howard is seen limping back to his corner.
Caged Insider gives the round to Thiago Alves 10-8.

Round Two
Alves continues attacking the lead leg with low kicks. Alves keeps his hands tight to his face coming in with jabs, and leg kicks. Howard is  starting to limp more on his lead left leg. Howards foot movement becoming less. Alves lands a high kick to the head. Moments later rushes Howard across the octagon for a takedown. Thiago Alves finishes the round in Howards guard softening him up with ground and pound.
Caged Insider gives the round to Thiago Alves 10-8

Round Three
Alves comes out looking refreshed while Howard is still breathing heavy. Alves continues catching the lead leg. Howard attempts a single-leg takedown and but is stopped by Alves. The two back up and start swinging with neither landing. Alves looks to be more cautious backing up, but then suddenly catches Howard with a straight right that drops Howard coming in, but quickly pops back up. Howard swells on his forehead from the straight. The two continue to exchange with Alves looking to get the best of the striking. Alves starts digging big kicks into Howards ribs and legs. Last five seconds Howard tries to rush forward but unsuccessful in his attempt. The fight ends and the two fighters embrace with Howard raising Alves’s hand.
Caged Insider gives the round to Thiago Alves 10-8

Thiago Alves defeats John Howard via unanimious decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Prior to the Pitbulls win, the large welterweight struggled with weight cutting and even came in over for his last fight against Jon Fitch at UFC 117 in August. A fight Alves would suffer a loss via unanimous decision against the AKA fighter.Alves joined forces with Mike Dolce to find success in weight cutting which he credits to his new ‘dolce diet.’

Alves once a number one welterweight contender will be looking to climb back up the ladder for a shot at the title. Alves currently carries notable wins over Josh Koscheck,  Matt hughes, Karo Parisyan, and Chris Lytle.